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We first want to thank you for your generous support of this vital community improvement project. Then, we want you to make a reservation to use the facilities...

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What’s Happening with the Grange

Saturdays at Brickworks!

Come see us at the San Juan Island Farmers Market. We have fruit and vegetables, fruit trees, vegetable starts, flowers, handmade items, books and biochar, all grown or made by San Juan Island Grange members. Our booth is a cooperative effort by Grangers, staffed by Grangers, so is a good place to meet us and see what we are all about. You can even fill out an application to join us. And then you too can sell at our booth! The market is open every Saturday from 9:30AM to 1:00PM.

Growers Circle

Do you garden? Farm? Raise critters? Or getting ready to do any of the above? Join us on Zoom every Wednesday morning from 8 to 9 AM for the Growers Circle Coffee Hour. The atmosphere is friendly and informal, the topics are up to you, and there will be coffee (if you make it yourself!).

For Zoom link, email Roger Ellison at roger.thornbush@gmail.com.

Grange Event Highlight:

Jennifer Bryan-Goforth joins us virtually from WSU Skagit County Extension - Consumer Food Safety and Preservation on September 11th and the 18th for an introduction to cannning and fermenting. Free to the public!

Our Mission

To support a resilient community of growers, makers, and keepers, to foster social and political engagement, and to maintain our Hall as a home for celebrations and programs.

We are a grass-roots, non-partisan advocacy group, and because we are a non-profit (501c8), we can accept donations and participate in crafting legislation at all levels.

Our Grange

San Juan Island Grange #966 is for rural citizens with both legislative programs and community activities such as talent and craft contests, scholarships, and much more. You don’t have to be a farmer to belong, though many are. Our elected officers volunteer and our ‘work’ occurs through various committees, but the heart of our mission is community well-being, and we enjoy gathering to celebrate this.

The complete list of our 2021 Officers of the San Juan Island Grange #966 is here.

Our bylaws and resolutions are here.

Our History

The Grange started after the Civil War to begin healing and overcome the sense of isolation that many farmers were feeling as well as help them respond to new national markets. Grange Halls across the country housed mutual assistance programs, and many agricultural cooperatives were started by Granges to improve the economic lot of the family farm. Today each local Grange chooses its own mission and program, and Granges come together at the state and national levels for joint efforts.


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